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We’re delighted to inform you that Kokoda Residences’ construction has been at 100% capacity for some time now finishing the external structure.

This is tremendously reassuring news for all of us given the challenges facing the construction industry and to top that off, with restrictions easing further as of next week, this also is great news for our next phase where our workforce requirement is doubling, allowing more workers onsite for when we need to fit out each and every apartment.

With our Kokoda Residences’ building team from Richard Crookes Constructions powering through construction during lockdown, we have been able to keep the momentum and excitement going to keep on a tight construction schedule.

To see the progress in action, we hope you enjoy this time-lapse video of Kokoda Residences rising before our eyes. You’ll be even more delighted to know as of 23 September 2021 we’re now up to Level 9 with two more levels poured since this video was produced.

So, as you can see, it’s not just the excitement around Kokoda Residences that’s building, we’re forging ahead to achieve ‘topping out’ before Christmas.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the Kokoda Residences team on 9299 3953.

Graham Hooper
CEO Vasey Communities