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We all have so much to thank grandparents for, throughout our lives… and Grandparents Day is just the day to say it, show it and express it.

This Sunday, 25 October, is Grandparents Day where we encourage you and your families to celebrate the life-shaping contributions that grandparents make to families and communities.

This grand day also celebrates the incredible diversity of grandparents and their relationships across age groups, cultural backgrounds and even geographical locations.

A day to cheer not only grandparents, but also grand-friends, kin, and all those who have taken a role of a grandparent in their family or community.

A day to highlight the generations they have shared with and celebrate all the roles grandparents play in local communities.

We heartily encourage our Kokoda Residences’ community and their families to share this beautiful day with their loved ones… and strengthen that generational connection.