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With Kokoda Residences construction taking shape, it only felt right to give guests a sneak peek into what could become their inspired retirement.

On Saturday 12 June, the invitation was extended for all to join Vasey Communities CEO Graham Hooper, Sales Professional Maureen Malouf and the Richard Cookes Constructions (RCC) team for an on-site tour to view the first few levels of the Kokoda Residences structure.

Guests were first treated to some morning or afternoon tea at the local Magpies Waitara, then transported down the road to the site where they suited up in Vasey hard hats and hi-vis vests.

The event was a perfect opportunity to give guests, and their family and friends, an insight into the quality, design features and orientation of the building, as well as get a feel for the local area and nearby surroundings in the vibrant North Shore suburb of Waitara.

Our wonderful depositors were excited to come together again to catch up and see their future sanctuary coming to life, later celebrating the milestone of edging closer to moving in with afternoon tea and drinks following their tour at Magpies Waitara.

Before heading on-site, they were delighted to receive their very own personalised hi-vis vests as a keepsake. Everyone enjoyed locating the orientation of their apartment, and the favourable weather displayed how much sun the communal garden area will receive even in Winter.

A well-received event by our prospective residents and depositors, and for those who missed out, we plan to host another event later this year where there will be even more progress to see.

Guests enjoying the Onsite Tour.

RCC Project Manager explaining the plans to guests.

Graham Hooper and RCC Project Manager.

View from the first few floors.

Future residents on the Onsite Tour.

Future resident viewing the construction schedule.

Future residents heading up to the first few levels.

Future residents mingling.

Guests enjoying the afternoon tea and drinks at Magpies Waitara.

Future residents listening to Vasey Communities CEO Graham Hooper's speech.